My Orchid Story:
Hi, I’m Catherine Merriman, founder and owner of Raleigh Orchids, and enclosed is a brief synopsis of how I ended up in the orchid business.

You could say that orchids are in my genes as a passion for colorful flowers and blooming tropical plants is a Merriman family tradition.

My grandfather, who was blind, loved nurturing and caring for all kinds of exotic blossoming creations.

I guess he compensated for his inability to experience the visual beauty of flowers and plants by cultivating a heightened appreciation for their other aesthetic qualities.

Walking into his house was like walking into my greenhouse. The smell of fresh fragrant flowers filled the air and blooming tropical flora adorned every nook and corner.

My mother inherited this same love for blooming things. Of all the greenery and floral decorations that lived in our house, her favorite was and still is the Orchid.

Unwittingly, my early exposure to and childhood enchantment with this beautiful tropical orchid flower would later influence me to start an orchid business.

The Beginning of Beautiful Blooms:
In 1992, I started importing orchids, very small quantities at first, really just as a hobby to decorate my house and to then sell the remaining orchids to family and friends.

I initially named my tiny enterprise Beautiful Blooms to depict what I believed to be the orchid’s most beautiful feature; the bloom.

As word of mouth spread about Beautiful Blooms, people outside of my immediate circle of family and friends wanted to drop by to browse each new arrival of blooming orchids.

Soon, I ran out of display room in my house and to keep up with demand, I chose to expand into my current location at 1604 Dixie Trail in Raleigh, NC.

Within months, my greenhouse was filled with over five thousand orchids comprised of new blooming orchid arrivals and dormant orchids that customers dropped by to board with us until their orchids returned to bloom.

So, what first began as a simple orchid hobby serendipitously turned into a booming small orchid business which I am still happily managing today.

Our New Name: Raleigh Orchids:
Since 1992, besides our healthy growth, not much has changed except our Business Name which we recently changed from “Beautiful Blooms” to “Raleigh Orchids”.

We chose our new name, Raleigh Orchids, to better reflect our Raleigh heritage and to highlight the orchid products and services that we provide.

Most importantly, we feel that our new name will help us to better connect with you, our local customers, who either live here in the Raleigh, NC area or nearby.

Enjoying the Orchid Journey:
Although running an orchid business can be demanding at times, I truly have enjoyed the entire experience thus far and wouldn’t have it any other way.

It has been filled with ongoing, personable friendships with you all, our local orchid customers, whom we have had the pleasure to meet or reacquaint with via your visiting our raleigh location or our delivering orchids to your homes and offices.

In retrospect, the whole Raleigh Orchids enterprise has been a labor of love for me. It has provided me with the opportunity to serve a great group of customers and to pursue a full-time career dedicated to nurturing and caring for orchids.

Orchid Evangelist:
A friend describes me as an orchid evangelist because I am constantly talking about how orchids brighten people’s lives. Actually, his description is accurate as …

Out of all the activities associated with running Raleigh Orchids, my two favorites include educating new orchid owners on proper orchid care and talking shop with seasoned orchid enthusiasts who share the same passion for orchids.

At the end of the day, the greatest reward that I receive for the work that I put into managing our orchid service is getting to witness the thrill that a person gets when receiving one of our fresh blooming orchids.

In Summary:
I hope that this brief synopsis sheds light on my 17-year orchid odyssey thus far and why I enthusiastically look forward to pursuing my orchid career for a long time to come.

The next time you desire a beautiful, fresh orchid or wish to have one delivered to a friend or just simply want to talk orchids, please drop by our Raleigh Orchids location for a visit or call us at 919-413-1313.

We look forward to serving you here at Raleigh Orchids.

All the Best,
Catherine Merriman
Founder and Owner of Raleigh Orchids

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